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About the Cleanup Effort

In March 2012, the San Diego Regional Water Control Board (Water Board) issued a clean-up and abatement order CAO No. R9-2012-0024 for San Diego Bay waters adjacent to the local shipyards in Barrio Logan (A list of parties involved can be found within CAO No. R9-2012-0024. Starting September 2013, the San Diego Bay Environmental Restoration Trust began a three year construction project to remove sediment from the Bay floor near the shipyards. This work is planned to complete by March 2016.

The South Trust completed the dredging of the South Shipyard Site in March 2014, additional information regarding the South Shipyard can be found in the May 2014 project newsletter. The North Shipyard Sediment Implementation commenced in September 2014. As authorized in the Order and associated project permits, the north trust has received regulatory approval to dredge thru the least tern season (April 1 through September 15) to facilitate completion of the North Shipyard dredging and sand cover in a timely and efficient manner. The North Shipyard Site has put in place a number of monitoring and mitigation measures in accordance with the existing permits to prevent impacts to least terns.

This website will provide up-to-date alerts on the project, current status and upcoming activities. Additionally, this website will serve as a repository for project documents and will be another resource for the public to find current information and to submit comments and requests.

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Project Update

Historic Cleanup of San Diego Underway

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For more information on the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board and abatement order CAO No. R9-2012-0024, click here.

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